Taste My Game Face 55: You’re an Otaku Too?

Wipeout Omega Collection, Nex Machina, Reigns, Mass Effect Andromeda and the Netflix Castlevania anime discussed by Alan, Dan, Joe, Waine & Zi.

We’ve got a delicious assortment of gaming goodness for you this time. That includes the exciting Nex Machina and Reigns, the enthralling new Netflix Castlevania anime and more engrossing opinions on Mass Effect: Andromeda and WipEout Omega Collection. Sumptuous.

Episode music:
– Intro by JP Wolfgang
– Break (Audio version only): His Majesty’s Fool by MAGO (Mateo Lugo) and Disasterpeace from Reigns
– Outro: Under Stars by Aurora from Mass Effect Andromeda

0:02:24 – Wipeout
0:16:53 – Nex Machina
0:34:20 – Reigns
0:43:26 – Mass Effect Andromeda (Video version – 0:42:59)
1:11:45 – Castlevania Anime  (Video version – 1:11:21)

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