Taste My Game Face 54: Dennis! You Flew too Close to the Sun.

Monster Hunter: World, Magikarp Jump, Prey, SNES Mini and its games discussed by Alan, Dan, Joe & Zi. Video and time-codes below ⇓

This time is Dan’s chance to weigh in on E3 with excitement about Monster Hunter: World, Joe discusses the best Pokémon game yet, Pokémon: Magikarp Jump, Alan fires information about the Snes Mini at Joe for reactions and Zi goes in on Prey.

Episode music:
– Intro and breaks by JP Wolfgang
– Outro: Storm Eagle from Megaman X

0:00:51 – Monster Hunter: World
0:15:22 – Majikarp Jump
0:21:28 – SNES Mini
0:56:04 – Prey

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