EarWormS: Season 1 Volume 1

Welcome to EarWormS! A brand new show from Taste My Game Face celebrating Video Game Music. In our first episode Alan, Dave and Joe talk about music from Silent Hill 3, Valiant Hearts and Super Hexagon.

01:04 – Dave’s Song:
You’re not Here By Akira Yamaoka & Mary Elizabeth McGlynn From Silent Hill 3
08:35 – Alan’s Song:
Little Trinketry By Daniel Jacob Teper from Valiant Hearts: The Great War
14:54 – ¬†Joe’s Song:
Focus by Chipzel from Super Hexagon
21:21 – Song to Close the Show:
Theme of Laura by Akira Yamaoka from Silent Hill 2

Intro Music Edited From:
Katamari on the Rocks by Yuu Miyake & Keita Takahashi from Katamari Damacy

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