Taste My Game Face 113: An Exceptional Amount of Cheesing

Fallout 76 subscription, Grid, Resident Evil 7 VR, The Evil Within and Uncharted Lost Legacy. Discussed by Alan, Joe and Waine. Video and Time-codes below ⇓

Alternative titles: I’ll Do That and Then I’ll Check on the Pasta, You have Entered The Grid, It Clings to the Road and Then it Doesn’t, All of the Subaru’s Would Hate You, The VR Game That Made Me Cry, I Can’t Talk to Her About it Because There Are No Words, You Have a Thing You Can’t Hit Things With.

Episode music by JP Wolfgang

0:01:39 – Fallout 76 News/Games as a Service
0:19:07 – Grid
0:37:28 – PSVR Storytime
0:43:44 – Resident Evil 7 VR
0:59:11 – The Evil Within
1:21:56 – Uncharted: Lost Legacy

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