Taste My Game Face 112: An Outrageous Variant of Geese

PS5 Info Drop, Hearthstone Player Punishment, Untitled Goose Game, Dicey Dungeons and the Dreamcast’s 20th Anniversary. Discussed by Alan, Joe & Waine. Video and Time-codes below ⇓

Alternative episode titles: Naughty Dog Needs a Battle Royale. Preparing for Nothing. Duck Hitman. Dorito People. Chimes & Treacle. Up Up, Down Down, Chu Chu Chu. Dancing Along With Ooh La La. I wished I could Roller Blade…They Could Roller Blade. I played a Bit of it, and it Was…Weird. #NotMySonic.  You Took Too Long, I’ve Run Out of Weather.

Episode music by JP Wolfgang

0:02:25 – PS5 Info Drop
0:12:35 – Doom Eternal Delayed
0:18:05 – Hearthstone Player Punishment
0:29:53 – Untitled Goose Game
0:40:08 – Dicey Dungeons
0:49:53 – Dreamcast UK 20th Anniversary

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