Taste My Game Face 81: Jungle is Massive and so are the Cars

Switch becoming Steam, Hollow knight, Planet Coaster and Ikaruga discussed by Alan, Joe Waine and Zi. Video and time-codes below ⇓

In this episode we establish that Buck Bumble is amazing, Joe has trouble with pockets (or a lack thereof), and we welcome back Waine and his ensuing existential crisis.
Also video games.

Episode music:
– Intro by JP Wolfgang
– Outro: Buck Bumble by Justin Scharvona from Buck Bumble

0:00:18 – Start/Waine’s Pokétalk
0:04:57 – Waine’s E3 catchup
0:14:21 – Will the Switch become the new Steam?
0:27:34 – Hollow Knight update
0:31:50 – A Day without pockets
0:38:54 – Planet Coaster
0:58:47 – Ikaruga
1:10:08 – Question from the audience?
1:26:11 – Wrap-up
1:27:54 – Outro: Buck Bumble by Justin Scharvona (Audio Only)

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