Taste My Game Face 80: The Final Bish

Hollow Knight, Kingdom Hearts, and modern vs period set shooters discussed by Alan, Joe and Zi. Video and time-codes below ⇓

In our post E3 episode there’s still some wrapping up to do and that means a long discussion about the possible future of gaming and to distant past. Ah, the rich aroma of a well-aged game. We get into the excellently sombre Hollow Knight, uncork the finely matured Kindom Hearts, and have it out on the changing states of the big shooters.

Episode music:
– Intro by JP Wolfgang
– Outro: Dirtmouth by Christopher Larkin from Hollow Knight

0:02:42 – Gaming Netflix news
0:10:39 – Hollow Knight
0:48:08 – Kingdom Hearts
1:11:41 – Question Time: Modern vs period set shooters

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