Taste My Game Face 58: What if Phil Collins Made a Console?

Sonic Mania, You Must Build a Boat, Tacoma & Retro Remakes discussed by Alan, Joe, Waine & Zi. Video and time-codes below ⇓

We have three games and a discussion for you this time around on Taste My Game Face. The bold return of Sonic to 90s form in Sonic Mania, the mobile game You Must Build a Boat and a rundown of Tacoma, the new game from the studio that brought us Gone Home. After that, we throw ourselves into what games we’d like to see being given the Mania treatment; beloved games brought back to their core retro routes. Get stuck in!

Episode music:
– Intro by JP Wolfgang
-Break: Acapella Chemical Plant Zone By Waine & Joe from Taste My Game Face 58
-Outro: Chemical Plant Act 2 by Tiago “Tee” Lopes from Sonic Mania

0:00:59 – Hellblade Patch Update
0:02:47 – Mass Effect News
0:09:10 – Sonic Mania
0:39:54 – Acapella Chemical Plant Zone
0:40:52 – You Must Build a Boat
0:50:43 – Tacoma
1:05:34 – Remake/Remix Desires

Individual Topics


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