EarWormS: Season 1 Volume 3

Welcome to EarWormS, a show celebrating Video Game Music. This week Joe, Dave and Alan talk about music from Shovel Knight, Portal and Red Alert 2. Time codes and audio stream/direct download below ↓

00:42 – Joe’s Song:
La Danse Macabre by Jake Kaufman & Manami Matsumae From Shovel Knight
05:18 – Dave’s Song:
You Wouldn’t Know by Jonathan Coulton from Lego Dimensions
11:44 – Alan’s Song:
Hell March 2 by Frank Klepacki from Red Alert 2
17:43 – Song to Close the Show:
Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton from Portal

Intro Music Edited From:
Katamari on the Rocks by Yuu Miyake & Keita Takahashi from Katamari Damacy

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