Taste My Game Face 50: Binary Domain is Great!

Project Rap Rabbit, Banner Saga 2 and diversity in games discussed by Alan, Dan, Joe & Zi. Time-codes and videos below ⇓

This time we’re carrying on our discussion about representation and diversity in video games. We fathom the middle ground, asking if the arguments of the social justice agenda sometimes push too hard, are we losing art for the sake of tokenism, or is the post gamergate enforcement of broader representation the best thing that’s happened to games for a long time. It’s a meaty one. Mouth watering goodness.

Episode music:
– Intro and breaks by JP Wolfgang
– Outro: Aren`t We All Running by 65daysofstatic from the Binary Domain Initial Trailer

0:01:28 Project Rap Rabbit
0:04:34 Joe’s Japan Retort
0:12:19 Banner Saga 2
0:27:38 Diversity in games Part 2

Individual Topics

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