Taste My Game Face 49: Stylish as F**k

Persona 5, Gravity Rush 2 and The Return of Japan discussed by Alan, Dan, Waine & Zi. Video and time-codes below ⇓

This episode, it’s the return of Japan! Strangely absent from the previous console generation Japanese games have made a strong return to the fore. We get stuck into to the whys and hows of just what’s made that happen after discussing the strange and beautiful Persona 5 and Gravity Rush 2.

Episode music:
– Intro and break by JP Wolfgang
– Outro: Beneath the Mask -Instrumental Version- by Shoji Meguro from Persona 5

0:00:37 – Zi’s Apology Corner
0:03:14 – Persona 5
0:36:24 – Gravity Rush 2
0:55:59 – The Return of Japan

Individual Topics


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