Taste My Game Face 47: A Hideous State of Tanglement

EGX Rezzed 2017 highlights discussed by Ben, Dan, Waine & Zi. Time-codes below ⇓

A slightly shorter episode for you this time and with a new guest presenter Ben. A few of the podcast crew went to EGX Rezzed 2017 gaming expo and we’d like to share some of the highlights of what we saw. There were a lot of interesting ideas on show and we’ve selected the very best for your perusal.

Episode music by JP Wolfgang

0:03:36 – Nest
0:10:52 – Chalo Chalo
0:17:01 – Exo One
0:24:55 – John Watson of Stoic Studio
0:32:39 – Snake Pass
0:38:58 – Scanner Sombre
0:46:18 – Under the Mountain
0:47:29 – The Occupation
0:56:50 – Pocket Rumble & Serial Cleaner
0:58:59 – Fast RMX
1:00:39 – Dawn of War 3

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