Taste My Game Face 46: The Unnamed

Horizon Zero Dawn, Formula Fusion, Flame in the Flood, Mini Metro and the most exciting things in games discussed by Alan, Dan, & Zi. Time-codes and topic videos below ⇓

Only the three of us this episode, but that’s still enough to discuss a small assortment of games for your enjoyment including; Horizon Zero Dawn, Formula Fusion, Flame in the Flood and Mini Metro, as well as a chat about the things we’re most excited for in the world of games at the moment after the break. Enjoy.

Episode music
– Intro and break music by JP Wolfgang
– Outro: Horizon Zero Dawn Main Theme by Joris de Man feat. Julie Elven

00:01:09 – Horizon Zero Dawn
00:37:01 – Formula Fusion
00:45:11 – Flame in the Flood
00:52:37 – Mini Metro
01:01:16 – VR
01:11:17 – Ubisoft
01:19:37 – Japan
01:25:18 – Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
01:30:47 – Banner Saga 3

Individual Topics


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