Taste My Game Face 102: Tarkov is Life

Rage 2, Grip, Disobedient Sheep, Escape from Tarkov and Metro Exodus. Discussed by Alan and Zi with guests Step and Yaro. Video and Time-codes below ⇓

This episode Zi and Alan are joined by 2 members of the community, Step and Yaro. To talk about Bethesda’s new post-apocalyptic shooter Rage 2, some Disobedient Sheep, Yaro’s addiction to Escape from Tarkov, another post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus. And yes, Zi Talks about Grip again.

Episode music:
– Intro by JP Wolfgang
– Outro: Exodus Blues by Oleksii Omelchuk from Metro Exodus

0:01:04 – Guest Gaming history
0:05:08 – Rage 2
0:22:39 – Doom News
0:33:34 – Wolfenstein News
0:38:29 – More Grip
0:45:10 – Disobedient Sheep
0:49:36 – Escape from Tarkov
1:04:15 – Metro Exodus
1:14:57 – Wrap-Up
1:16:42 – Outro: Exodus Blues by Oleksii Omelchuk (audio Only)

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