Taste My Game Face 97: Infected by the X Cloud

Microsoft’s new console, Nintendo Labo VR, THQ Nordic AMA, Celeste, Division 2 Beta, Apex Legends and Little Nightmares. Discussed by Alan and Zi. Video and Time-codes below ⇓

In a two-man extravaganza of an episode, we blitz through exciting video game news, disturbing video game news and a bunch of hot old games?

Episode music:
– Intro by JP Wolfgang
– Outro: Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix) By Christina Lee & Lena Raine From Celeste

0:03:40 – EA E3 plans
0:08:04 – Nintendo Labo VR
0:15:50 – Xbox One S All Digital Edition (Xbox One SADE)
0:29:49 – THQ Nordic AMA
0:37:17 – Celeste B Sides
0:45:38 – Division 2 Beta
0:52:49 – Apex Legends
1:04:53 – Little Nightmares
1:13:41 – Wrap-Up
1:14:31 – Outro: Celestial (Good Karma Mix) By Christina Lee & Lena Raine (Audio Only)

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