Taste My Game Face 85: They Actually Ran Out of Numbers

Hollow Knight, Octopath Traveler, Banner Saga 3, Outland, Into the Breach, and The Evil Within. Discussed by Dan Waine and Zi. Video & Time-codes Below ⇓

In this episode Dan tells us about all the games he’s played since he was last on, Zi doesn’t, Waine proselytises to the unspoken hordes and three physicists discover there’s no one on to stop them talking about Hermitian conjugates except their own faulty memories.

Episode music:
– Intro by JP Wolfgang
– Outro: The Cliftlands By Yasunori Nishiki From Octopath Traveler


0:00:18 – No Video Recording this week (Video Only)
0:01:06//0:00:18 – Podcast Start
0:01:30//0:00:42 – Hollow Knight
0:17:25//0:16:37 – Octopath Traveler
0:37:23//0:36:35 – Banner Saga 3
0:48:56//0:48:08 – Outland
0:49:06//0:48:18 – The Super Physics Bros.
0.55.07//0:54:19 – Back to Outland
1:00:43//0:59:54 – Into the Breach
1:01:00//1:00:12 – Procedural Roguelikes
1:10:08//1:09:20 – More Into the Breach
1:13:18//1:12:30 – Back to Outland again
1:19:52//1:19:05 – The Evil Within
1:29:42//1:28:54 – Ending Nonsense
1:32:01 – End Music (Audio Only)

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