Taste My Bonus Face 2: Persona 5 Spoilercast

It’s finally time for the Persona 5 Spoilercast with Dan & Ben. Time-codes Below ⇓

Rebellion, Revelations and Religious Symbolism… Settle in as Dan & returning guest Ben take a deep dive into the narrative nuance and thematic genius that make Persona 5 one of best JRPGs of all time.

Episode music:
– Intro by JP Wolfgang
– Post-Intro: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version) – Persona 5 OST
– Break: Life Will Change (Instrumental Version) – Persona 5 OST
– Outro: Swear to my Bones & Hoshi To Bokura To (Piano Version) – Persona 5 OST

0:00:55 Subverting Expectations from Persona 4
0:06:44 The Villains and Palaces
0:22:36 Combat
0:24:57 Confidants
0:29:10 In-game use of Social Media
0:35:02 Party Members
1:05:15 Break
1:07:50 Goro Akechi
1:29:05 Igor, Mementos and the Final Act
1:49:55 Boss Music
1:51:50 Satanael and Symbolism
1:56:45 Thematic Genius of Persona
1:59:25 Final Cutscene and Freedom
2:02:12 Favourite Confidant
2:09:50 Persona 5 Golden?
2:13:36 The Neglect of Racial/ Sexual Prejudice
2:19:03 Persona 6

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