Taste My Bonus Face: Tom’s Torment

Multiplayer shooter heritage, Rainbow Six Siege and Axiom Verge, Discussed by Joe, Tom and Zi. Time-codes Below ⇓

In this first bonus episode, Joe and Zi are joined by community member Tom. We discuss Tom’s gaming heritage in all it’s glory, taking time to get stuck into where it overlaps with our own. Following that we get to grips with the current state of Rainbow Six Siege, then finally settle down to sing the praises of Axiom Verge.

Episode music:
– Intro by JP Wolfgang
– Break: Everything About You’s so Six Siege with the Game Face crew
– Outro: Cellular Skies by Thomas Happ from Axiom Verge

0:01:17 – multiplayer shooter heritage
0:16:30 – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
0:23:46 – Rainbow Six Vegas
0:27:16 – Battlefield
0:30:39 – Rainbow Six Siege
0:45:53 – Everything about you’s so Six Siege with the Game Face crew
0:46:01 – Rainbow Six Siege changes
1:09:54 – Axiom Verge


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